Aches and Praise One Hundred & Thirty Two


Dear friends, 

Last weekend, Karen and I were blessed to meet a missionary named Steve Regnault, who serves the Lord in Nepal with Global Outreach Mission. Although we are in the same Mission, we had never met. It is interesting that his parents, who were missionaries in France, brought Steve to a Missions conference at Grace Church of LaSalle many years ago, when he was a boy. 

This week we received an email from another missionary, Jim Munn, who serves the Lord in Grenoble, France with Crossworld. He was my team leader with Operation Mobilization in Alsace, not long after he married Lydia. Jim’s mother, Betty, turned 100 in October! His father, Robert, is a year or so away from that milestone. Jim and Lydia became grandparents for the first time in October, just a couple of weeks before Karen and I joined the “grandparents’ club.” I wonder if the two boys will meet someday … maybe in a missions outreach! 

March 24th will be the 194th anniversary of the birth of Fanny Crosby, the prolific writer of more than 8,000 hymns, including “Blessed Assurance” and “Rescue the Perishing.” She became blind when she was six weeks old after an unqualified practitioner treated her eyes with a mustard poultice. Fanny was the first woman to speak in the United States Senate when she read a poem there. She touched the lives of countless numbers of people through her hymns, which she began writing while in her forties. Fanny lived to the age of 94. 

Another very talented person is Todd Shaffer, who is the creative director of a company that produces Christian animated films ( Upon my urging, he sent me an email with several prayer requests: (1) for additional funding to be able to make a much higher quality film; (2) for increased visibility – beginning today, “The Promise: Birth of the Messiah” (which was released in December) will be given prime display space in Lifeway Christian bookstores; (3) that non-believers in the management and staff of the company would come to faith in Christ (there are only 4 evangelical Christians in the company at present); and (4) that God would open up significant partnerships in the evangelical Christian world. 

You may remember that I wrote last week that I was looking for a key. A few days ago, Karen cleaned out my “junk” drawer and uncovered a bag of keys. I took the bag to the office and tried the keys in the door to the stockroom. Guess what? The last one that I tried worked! Years ago I took that key off my key chain to lighten it and forgot all about it … until now. If you prayed that I would find this key, thank you. 

Scripture for the weekend: “Do you not say, ‘There are yet four months, and then comes the harvest’? Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes, and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest.” John 4:35 (NASB)  

Thought for the weekend: “Missionaries sometimes look very solemn, very quiet. But they can be funny if you give them a chance. I once met a Wycliffe missionary in Peninsula Bible Church in California. He had been serving in Mexico. He said that one day he was seated outside his cabin in the jungle translating the Bible, and he saw a cow going by in front of him very slowly. As he was looking at this cow and thinking about what it was doing, he said to himself, ‘Missionaries are just like that. Missionaries are like manure. If you pile them up together, they stink. But if you spread them around, they can do a lot of good.’” – Luis Palau 

In His grace, 


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